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2009-11-27 20:09:51 by skullstriker32

im bored


2009-09-18 13:55:11 by skullstriker32

im here at germany and it fucking rocks. some of my friends are with me and while we're here we might as well take some pictures that none of you are going to care about... see you in three months!

5 more...

2009-08-28 16:29:21 by skullstriker32

5 more days until germany... staying for about 3 months, can't fucking wait!!!


2009-08-23 13:22:08 by skullstriker32

going to motherfucking germany!!!! hell yea! 10 more days .......wel i guess thats it

im back

2009-07-31 17:57:12 by skullstriker32

but then again who cares


2009-06-30 04:53:25 by skullstriker32

got in a fight......... lost a few teeth........ got a few stitches........ broken arm....... well i guess im not in a good position to do anything right now so........goodbye................for now


2009-05-16 09:42:40 by skullstriker32

pitch bone lost and wingdom won... but we kicked their asses in the animation round!
and when they said that wingdom won, someone went up yelled "pitch bone rules wingdom!"
that got my spirit up. (thanks for voting whoever you are)


all or nothing

2009-04-14 20:05:03 by skullstriker32

now that wingdom, spider skull, and pitch bone (i also own pitch bone) beat the rest of the competition its all or nothing between each other. but spider skull is out so its just pitch bone against wingdom. may the best cartoonist win for the lungs competition. but i have a few tricks up my sleeves and im not prepared to lose. VOTE PITCH BONE!

all or nothing

wingdom with spiderskull

2009-04-04 14:07:17 by skullstriker32

wingdom and spiderskull productions are now working with each other for
our own benefit. because of newgrounds retarded restrictions our cartoons wont be able to be
on newgrounds..... so........ yea.


2009-01-13 19:50:55 by skullstriker32

i finished all the damn preloaders for my cartoons and the picture is episode 4: complete anarchy. when i put all of the cartoons on newgrounds don't complain if it freezes it happened alot when i tested it. when i'm finished with one of my new cartoons (a remake of a classic cartoon of mine) i will put everything else on newgrounds so... enjoy the preloader for awhile. i would give you guys the website that has all the cartoons i made but it's under repair.

-Tristan Kaiser